Rattan Furniture in Dubai, UAE


  • Topform Furnishing LLC is one of the leading suppliers of Rattan Furniture in Dubai, UAE. We supply new furniture as well as repair and renew your damaged rattan furniture. We can also refurbish it by painting and polishing it to make it look like new, and even give it a new finish that will result in a totally different appearance. For example, we can repaint it to give your furniture an antique or rustic look.

    Rattan furniture is made with rattan vines or canes from Asia, which are highly flexible and thus, easily woven into a sturdy surface that can support enough weight to be sat on comfortably. The strands and poles are nailed together to form the frame of the furniture, and then cane is wrapped around the joints to bind them together and strengthen them.

    Rattan furniture is popular with many homeowners and decorators because it adds a homey touch to a room or patio. It is also cool to sit on and invites you to just lie back, relax and enjoy the day.

    However, as a result of natural wear or tear, as well as improper handling, the pieces wear down. In addition, with time, the weaving tends to become undone. This is particularly true for rattan furniture that is predominantly used outdoors and constantly exposed to the elements. As a result of exposure to the rain and sun, the bindings around the joints can come loose, and the finish can fade.

    This is where we come in. Topform Furnishing LLC can supply high quality Rattan Furniture for you. Apart from supplying new furniture, we can also repair your damaged Rattan furniture and make it look like new, depending on how severe the damage is. Among the repair jobs we rewind the binding around the joints, and renew the finish of the furniture by repainting it. But no matter how serious it is, we will do our best to ensure that your rattan furniture is returned to you in the most improved condition possible.

    We offer solutions on:

  • Office Furniture – Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Partitions
  • Home Furniture – Sofas (including custom designed), Wardrobes, Dressing Tables, Cots, TV Stands
  • Restaurant Furniture – Tables, Chairs
  • Exclusive High End Design Furniture – Chairs, Sofas, Majlis

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