Wicker Furniture in Dubai, UAE


  • We at Topform Furnishing LLC supply high quality Wicker Furniture in Dubai and UAE. In case you need to repair your damaged Wicker Furniture, We will also repair it and make it look like new. We will tighten loose weaves and tuck in loose ends. In addition, we will repaint the furniture to restore its original finish or give it a new finish that will lend it a brand new appearance.

    Many people use rattan and wicker as interchangeable terms, but in fact they are not. Rattan is a type of material, while wicker refers to a method of weaving. Wicker furniture may be made with rattan, but also other materials such as straw and bamboo, and more recently, synthetic materials.

    Wicker furniture is a popular choice among many homeowners, particularly for use in patios and other outdoor spaces. The benefits of wicker include:

    • They can be durable. Depending on the material the wicker furniture is made with, the pieces can last a long time. If it is made with rattan, wicker furniture can last for as long as fifteen years.

    • It is easy to maintain. All you have to do is keep the furniture away from direct exposure to the sun as well as from the rain. To clean it, you simply need to brush the furniture regularly or vacuum it occasionally. If the furniture becomes dirty, you can clean it off with a damp sponge. And if you maintain it properly, the wicker will retain its shine for a long time.

    • It is lightweight. Wicker furniture is light, which makes it easier to move around to where it is needed or to store it after use. It is also safer for families with children. At the same time, because of the way it is woven, it is durable.

    • It has a design that goes with a variety of décor. Wicker is typically woven in a classic style that blends easily with a wide variety of decorative interior styles.

    We offer solutions on:

  • Office Furniture – Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Partitions
  • Home Furniture – Sofas (including custom designed), Wardrobes, Dressing Tables, Cots, TV Stands
  • Restaurant Furniture – Tables, Chairs
  • Exclusive High End Design Furniture – Chairs, Sofas, Majlis

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